A selection of lasting memorials and headstones supplied in Croydon

Selsdon & District Funeral Service offers an extensive range of memorials for placement in cemeteries, churchyards and cremation plots in Croydon and the surrounding areas.

Honouring the memory of  your loved ones

It has always been customary to honour the memory of those we love by erecting a lasting form of memorial. The memorial is a permanent symbol of remembrance, therefore we take extra care in helping you choose the design and material. Using the latest technology together with the traditional skills of our stonemasons, we are able to create a memorial to your exact requirements. We also carry out additional inscriptions, cleaning and renovations to existing memorials. Full colour brochures and price lists are available on request.
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We also over a range of different headstones and kerbed memorials, with custom bespoke designs to act as a fitting tribute to your loved one.


Polished Black Granite memorial

L66/GHS6 - Polished Black Granite

The wonderful "harp & shamrock" design can easily be replaced with another design to suit your individual needs.
Polished Red Ruby Granite memorial

L67/GHS 412: Polished Red Ruby Granite

The ogee shoulders and gilded keyline help to make this a simple yet attractive design

Polished Dark Grey Granite memorial

L68/GHS37 - Polished Dark Grey Granite

The finely detailed Polish eagle, finished with fold lead, provides a subtle and dignified monument to one so dearly missed.
Polished Galaxy Black Granite memorial

L69/GHS35 - Polished Galaxy Black Granite

A stunning material that unfortunately, is very difficult to display by means of a photograph. When looking at an actual sample of the material it is plain to see why it is called galaxy black.

Polished Karin Grey Granite memorial

L70/GHS79 - Polished Karin Grey Granite

Beautifully carved roses and a simple cross give a classic look.

Kerbed memorials

Kerbed memorial

L90/GF 124 - Polished Dark Grey Granite

The roses and splayed keylines blend well to give a very attractive design
Polished Blue Pearl Granite memorial

L91/GF 130 - Polished Blue Pearl Granite

The triple heart works well as a statement of love felt towards and given by a much missed departed one.
White Marble memorial

L92/GF 173 - White Marble

A simple memorial with an ogee top headstone. Please ask if you would like to make any modifications.
Polished Blue Pearl Granite memorial

L93/GF 129 - Polished Blue Pearl Granite

A headstone, shaped with a difference; a pleasing memorial with a subtle look. Brick effect granite sub kerbing; fixed between the main memorial and the concrete foundation, the brick effect is carved from an extra thick set of light grey granite kerbs. This feature adds 6" to the height of the memorial and can be added to any design.
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